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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's News-First times and A County Fair

Our County Fair started over the weekend. My daughter informed us she wanted to enter some photographs this year. So on Friday we went to the Fairgrounds to enter four Photos. Oh that brought back old days for me. When I was about nine and in the 4H club. We would go to the county fairs and enter stuff in the 4H tent to be judged. What great memories that was. I will have to look for some photos of that time at Dads next time I visit.

aturday was a day of firsts. The first day of this years County Fair and it was the first time my daughter mowed our lawn. For over Eight years I have had a young boy, who is now a young man, mowing my lawn. He started when he was in High school, his father started him at 17 so he could earn some money. Now he is out of college and has a great government job. He still mowed our yard until Saturday. If you have visited my garden site, you know we have a great sliding hill in the back yard. It is a bear to mow! On Saturday our daughter mowed it and I will say she did a great job! So now I will pay her for the mowing. Chris will still do the trimming for now.

For the first time I posted the Nutritional values for a breakfast casserole and on my cooking blog. Breakfast casseroles are great for the weekend. I like to make them although I do not often. Had some turkey Sausage from the Amish Market so, decided to make one with it. Trying to keep healthier in my recipes. I found a site that i could put my recipe in and get the Nutritional values. Now it is sometime difficult to get a teen up before noon. Hubby went up and told her... Mom made a casserole for breakfast...she was up and sitting at the table in no time! Of course a picture had to be taken and then the table set and we were on our way to a healthy breakfast. You can find a link to the recipe at the bottom of this post.

Hubby and I went to the Movies. Saw "Inception" staring Leonardo DiCaprio, he is such a great actor. I know I have seen him in other movies but, he was really great in this one. Will be doing a review on my review site soon. I know we go to a lot of movies on the weekends. Are you wondering how we can do that with the prices so high? Well you see we purchase a Boosters Bargain Entertainment Book every year. These books raise money for school programs or charities. Their cost is only 25 dollars, that is a great price for a book full of coupons for meals, travel, sightseeing and entertainment. In the entertainment section there are coupons for a local theater which gives us free admission. With the cost of movies being 7 to 10 dollars a show, in this area, this makes the book a great buy. We do not miss out on the movies we want to see. This year we purchased 3 books. Two for our Maryland area and one for Northern Virginia and DC area. Between the dinning out and the movies we have really gotten our monies worth this year.

unday was Church in Virginia. We go to a large church in McLean. Didn't get to see the family due to their Work schedules. After church we went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory in Bethesda Virginia. It is a much smaller place then the one in our area. I had Misa Salmon, the lunch version. It was really good. Oh yes I had some cheese cake, Raspberry Lemon cream.
Later on that day we went to the County Fair. Picked up Lyds boyfriend and off to see the Fair. I will be posting some photos of it later this week, it will be Fair week on At Home with Auntie E. We had a great time there. More info about the our county fair in a link below.

How was your weekend, did you get to something you been looking forward to?

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  1. My hubs wants me to go with him to see that movie. I am still on the fence.

    I love Cheesecake Factory. We had one near by, but they closed down few years back.

    Thank you for coming by and visiting.


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