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Friday, August 6, 2010

Aloha Friday-Back in time

Have you notice when you watch movies or listen to music, the tendency to travel back in time in your mind. I have notice my tendency to love the fifties and sixties era. I really do not know why that is, Guess it was just a time of youth and having no problems in the world. Fun times and great shows.
I remember going with my Mom to the Movie to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and to Highland Park to watch theater plays like, Madame Butterfly and A Midnight Summer Dream. Meeting my friends there and having a great time. I just think it is great to have memories like that.
So here's your Question;
What time era do you have fond Memories of and can you tell me one?
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  1. I'll go w/ the early 90'when Bobilo Island was still open. We went there a lot as a kid =)

  2. I would say the 80s. I got married in '81 and my boys were born in '83 and '86.

  3. I like this era.

    My other times aren't really fond memories.

  4. Well...I tend to have fond and not so fond memeories of all eras. The 90's probably have my favorite memories...falling in love with my husband, college. On specific memory was playing LIFE in the dorms with very creative friends who made the game hilarious.

  5. Do the 80's count?
    Thats the year I was born but growing up I loved 80's music, still do!

  6. Gosh, I get taken back to all different times! It seems I can put myself in many generational shoes when I listen to music!

  7. I love 70's music! Just a happy time in my life! I was about 11 or so!:)


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