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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday News- NSL On Vacation

We left on Friday headed for Hubby's hometown. The trip wasn't too bad. Critter is with us on this Northern Sun Loop ( NSL )trip. Traveling with a 6 year old and a 16 year old is very interesting. sometimes the16 yo wants to be treated as a 6 year old. Of course being Auntie E ,I have to spoil Crittter. Now there are many parks in this town so, we had to visit all of them. I think my 16 years old had just as much fun as critter did.
Our trip took about 8 hours. There was entertainment in the car. videos, cartoons and music. When we arrived at the Bed & Breakfast about 4 o'clock pm. It was great to see Peggy the owner. We haven't seen her in about 10 years. Last year she was booked so we stayed at a different B&B. We got two rooms this time and it was great. The kids in one and hubby and I alone. although the kids loved being in our room.
The Family reunion was on Saturday. We were able to see some folks whom I never met and hubby hasn't seen since he was a tot. It was nice to see them all. Critter had fun riding bikes and playing in the sand. The whole day was really spent with family, laughing and carrying on. Next year is hubbys 40th highschool reunion as well as the 150 year town celebration. That should very interesting, Had to make reservation now for that, due to the limited space in this small town.

On Sunday our plan was to go to Findley lake. I had never been there. However first a trip to the Fish hatchery. Last time we visit there was before we had Lyd, it was really fun. Finley Lake, as in the name, it is just a lake with a very tiny town snuggled around the Lake. Ate at the Blue Heron, food was good. There was some shops so we had to stop in. Prices were remarkably low so I purchased several things for Thanksgiving and Christmas, all for under 25 dollar total! We came back and visited some family.

Today we are off to Canada, a two hour drive. On today's agenda, visiting the Power plant, a nature park and check into the hotel. We want to take a helicopter tour of the falls at some point.

How was your Weekend? Getting ready for school to start?

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