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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Daze: Hot Times today...

It is 8am and the outside temp is already 91 degrees Fahrenheit! Today we are expecting 100 degree plus weather with the heat index it will feel around 104. Time to thing of Cool things.
so here are a few;

1. Swim, oh but the water is now 88. However in 100 degree it will feel nice.
2. Ice cold Sun Tea. I will have to make some this morning.
3. Think Antarctic- this will do it for you.....

Daughters hand in an Iceberg.

4. Take in a Movie, Hubby wants to see "Salt". The theater is cool.
5. Make some Orange Creamsicles with my Weekend Gadget Pop makers. Oh I remember as a kid eating them. Yummy
6. Eating some watermelon. Have a big one the the refrigerate.
7. Live in the bathing suit. Less clothing means body stay cool.
8. One can drink COKE, It is so refreshing, according to the commercials of old.
9. Cook outside on the Grill. Oh I think I will do a rotisserie pork roast barbecue. I can put it on and just swim.
10. Absolutely no working in the house or outdoors. My Body heat needs no increasing.

Can you think of a few stay cool in this triple digit heat things?


  1. Let me know how Salt is! I want to see it!

    BTW I love the new blog header.

  2. I'll take a glass of water and retreat to the basement. It's always comfy there.

  3. Suddenly my mid 80s sounds better. I don't envy you. Try to stay cool.

  4. Oh my goodness!

    I hope your techniques work and you are able to as least stay comfortable. You definitely have the right idea of now working inside or out!

  5. good ideas to try to keep cool. this should help


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