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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flash Back TV- Mario -cartoons

Continuing with the Mario introductions.....In 1986 super Mario Bothers went animated. It was about the year of 1989 when it was first syndicated in the USA. Played on the exclusive Fox stations.
Today almost every kid knows about Mario and his story, they play his games on Nintendo and watch the cartoons on TV.
Now for a Mario Cartoon!

Mario's story.


  1. hey auntie e
    alas! when i was just a little kid, there was no such a thing as mario! super or otherwise!
    we had to watch the likes of "leave it to beaver", "bonanza", "adam 12" and emergency and "perry mason".etc etc etc.
    maybe i will go to you tube and look this mario guy up!
    sounds real interesting!
    thank you for visiting my sunday school picnic post.
    now when you said there was a lot of rubies in this post where you referring to the little children.
    for sure and they are the jewels of the lord,eh?
    i will have to go searching for your ruby tuesday post..you have so many nice blogs!
    god bless you my friend..love terry

  2. I remember these cartoons. My children know Mario by playing him on the Wii.

  3. wow I don't remember the mario cartoons but I loved the super mario game


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