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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Landing A Job on a Bet

It's Thursday, time for If I could Blog back time. I really like this Meme because it makes me dig back in my old memories. In this Fast paced time it is so easy to forget the past. To not allow myself the luxury of dementia ,which is nice when you have teens, I need to keep the mind filled and working. SO, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN IN? Go over to THE DINER and Sign in.
Today's topic: First time I stood up for myself.

I truly can not remember the first time. I am a Strong willed person and in my younger years did not let anyone push me around. In High School I hung out with the tallest and most popular Boys, that help me in my School peers eyes. But as I started reached my twenties, my thought pattern changed. So now this is a story of an incident with some friends.

I was about 18, I lived with some friends in a Community House. For those who have no idea what that is and thinks it is a correctional facility...I am glad to tell you I was not that kind of child. The House I am talking about was common in the late 60's and early 70's. It is where 4 or more people lived together in a house and shared expenses. The ages varied from 20's to 40's,I was the youngest ever. Sometimes couples lived there also.

We were sitting around one evening talking about Kodak and People who work there. It was mentioned that only people who had family or knew someone there was hired. I challenged that, Just could not believe a company would do that! Everyone laughed and told me I was too young to understand the work force. Me, being Strong willed and all, said "I do not know anyone who works at Kodak, and I'm sure I can get a job there". Oh, they all laughed (what you need to know here is that I worked in the Medical field and had no other experiences). So, a bet was placed.. I had two weeks to land a job at the Eastman Kodak Plant.

The Plant had long lines at their employment site. I stood in line, signed in and filled out the forms. .Then waited to be called. Every day my friends asked "get that job yet" and laughed. Stated" you're wasting your time".. It took my one week of Standing in line and signing in.. to be called.

When I was hired it was to work in the Vault area. Where they kept and filed the Architectures Blueprints. I won the bet and my friends were truly impressed. What I did not tell them was once inside the company I learned they were right! Almost all the people I met asked me who I knew! How I got the Job, the interviewer told me because I was there every day when they opened the doors..the staff wanted to find me a job..so they made an opening. Now that is funny!

I am still that kind a person, Strong willed. I can not stand for anyone to tell me "You can not do .....". I will surely find out how and do it! I would not change anything from the past when it comes to this Topic. Learned so much being this way!
Can't wait to read yours!! Go sign in and Blog back time.


  1. Great post! Thank you for participating.

    With today's job market, I wonder if that would work.

  2. That's a great story! Did you stay with them long? I've heard that at one time, Kodak was a great company to work for.

  3. Lola- It worth a try. In today job market sometimes teens just do not want to stay in one job long. My belief is if you show your willingness,you'll get the job.

    Kelly- I was with them for about 3 years then I joined the U.S Army. went In as an infantry nurse. Another story to tell later:-) However the job at Kodak was waiting for my return.


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