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Monday, May 18, 2009

What This! No Seat Assignments?

Wow, What a trip. All emotions covered, Sadness, Happiness, Excited, Surprise, Fear, Calmness, and Tiredness. This week I will be blogging about the trip on All my Blog sites. Each one will have a different aspect. We started out flying on a jet plane. Haven't been on one since 911. Was a little fearful of flying. The airport security and check in went smoothly. It was surprising because there were no seat assignment on our flight. It was open setting! Have never heard of that and Hubby was very skeptical. When I booked the flight a Nonstop one was preferred. Found that the airline site had the best rate. Try Cheap tickets, Priceline, Travelocity, and other sites found them were costly. So, went with the cheapest but well known airline, Southwest. Did everything online line from purchasing the tickets to printing our boarding passes, all that was easy. The boarding passes had a letter and a number (Like, L39). Decided to only take carry on bags, which was a good choice for us. There really wasn't any Check in for us. Went directly to the Gate and sat down to wait, after going through airport security. When it came time to board, We lined up by letter and number in order. Boarded the Plane and chose our seats! We all were impressed with this method. It was a very Calming experience. Our flight took two hours, we arrived earlier due to a good tail wind. I think all our flights will be Southwest nonstop for our trip OUT WEST coming up.

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  1. I've only flown once, to CA and back. I flew Southwest also. Good rates even at the last minute.


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