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Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Mother's Day!

Started the day with some fun Mother's Day Exercise.
Here is the flowers mentioned

The restaurant. CheeseCake Factory
We eat at this place about twice a year.

My dish was Baja Chicken Hash

Here's is My Choice of Vegetables, Protein and Fiber, All in one! "CarrotCake Cheesecake". Ingredients: Carrots, Nuts, Milk,Philly cheese and a little bit of Sugar.

One More thing I received, I will tell you, it is RED, So come back and View it on Ruby Tuesday


  1. Amen to that carrot cake ~ went to a friend's B-day party this past wk-end and his wife had a huge YUMMY carrot cake - it weighed a ton and was Delicious!!!!! Still sitting in the pit of my stomach this morning I'm afraid ~ LOL!

  2. Sure looks like a great Mother's Day celebration. :)

  3. oh my goodness the cheesecake factory looks like my kinda place! hope you had a great day

  4. I love, love, looooove Cheesecake Factory! mMmmmmMMM! :-)


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