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Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Memory of theFallen

Today is the start of Police Memorial Week. We are so blessed in this Country to have a Police Force made up of Men and Women who want to service our land. They sacrifice a lot for their jobs; Family time, Sometime Marriage, Sleep and most of all sometimes their Life. President John F Kennedy signed a Presidential Proclamation that set aside May 15 as National Peace Officers' Memorial Day. Each year now, for 25 years, Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S) has host a National Police Week. During this time all people come together to remember the fallen. There are Support groups for the families and Partners of the fallen Officers. Activities for the young, so they will know they are not alone in their grief. My mom was very active in this week. She was the President of Old Dominion C.O.P.S of Virginia, and later worked with the national C.O.PS Chapter.

In Titusville Florida there is a American Police Hall of Frame Museum(A.P.H.F.M). It has been there since 1960. I visited once with my Parents after my Grandfather was killed in the line of duty. His name was on the Wall of Fallen Offices. I remember that very well. Mom was so upset and as a child I just didn't understand. Now as an Adult I do! My Mom always wanted to go back there and place that one RED ROSE at his name. This Year I will be doing that, For Her and For Me. I leave on a Plane(which I am not fond of, since 911) tomorrow for a weekend of planned activities though the A.P.H.F.M.

A total of 18,661 Police officers have given their lives in our country. Last year we had 133 Killed in the line of duty. So this weekend and next week I will fly my Blue Ribbon in remembrance of the Fallen Officers. For their sacrifice was great.

the Above Photo is of My Grandfather,Killed in the line of Duty May 16th 1961

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  1. So sorry about your Grandfather, that is one job I wouldn't like to have. I hope you have a safe trip. We also have a small museum here in York, Bill and I went through on bike night one year. Have a great weekend.


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