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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Time 2 Remember the Fallen

Norfolk, Virginia, P.D.
Norfolk, VA
Date of Death: 05/16/1961
Panel 20, E -16

This is my Grandfather. Every year in May we Honor the Fallen Officers. I live Near DC and have attended the memorial there. I see his name on the Wall and Remember All the time I could of had, taken away. By a man who we didn't know.
Been told I walk like him, think like him and now I only have childhood memories. He was murder when I was 6 year old. I did not even get to see him put to rest. We lived in Cincinnati Ohio. Airplanes were expensive. My parents managed to raise funds for them to go. My brothers and I stayed with friends. I was told the Streets were lined with People for miles. So many there wasn't room at the Church or the cemetery for them. My Grandfather was so loved.

When my mother,his daughter was here on earth. Each year she used to speak of Grandpa and kept him spirit alive. She opened a Concern of Survivors (C.O.P.S.)Chapter in the State of Virginia 20+ years ago. Her compassion for the survivors was great. If someone needed help she was there. Went to Court with them as they attended the trials. Set up activities for the Families. From Picnics, support groups, to Christmas parties complete with Santa Visits. Her life was dedicated to helping the ones left behind continue with life.

National Police Week Starts this year on May 13th in Washington DC. It is a time to remember the fallen. To mourn with the Survivors. To let the Nation know we Care and their deaths meant something for our Nation. If you are in the area plan to attend the Candlelight Vigil at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Read the names on the Wall. For info email: vigil@nleomf.com or call 202-737-3400.
Towns across the United States will have Memorial services in May. Check your town. Plan to attend and show your support.

Robert C Wash's Wife is still living She is 91. Her memory of him is pretty good. Norfolk will have a service this year May 16th and She will be there. My uncle will also attend. He followed in Grandpa Steps. Grandpa would of been proud of him. Just think of all the surviving families of fallen officers and what they miss out on.

This Year will you remember the Survivors in May. Show you care by flying a blue ribbon. You can get "Fly The Blue" Ribbons by emailing; cops@nationalcops.org , or fax your request (573-346-1414), citing the number of ribbons and the mailing address where the ribbons should be sent(they are free). Display the ribbon the week of May10-16.


  1. I hope people will fly the blue on their cars or bikes that week. I posted it earlier so there would be enough time to get The blue ribbons. They are Free. I have some if you are local and would like one,Let me know.

  2. Thank you for letting me know about them! Even though your Grandpa passed a long time ago, my heart still goes out to your family.

    My Dad used to be a police officer and that was always my biggest fear was him getting shot in the line of duty. Needless to say the day he retired I felt a lot better.


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