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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Wedding Gift From the Queen

A New Title for Prince William and Princess Catherine

They were introduced as the New Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their marriage. Looking into this I found out that the Queen chooses an available Duke title. There were three that were considered; Duke of Clarence, Duke of Cambridge, or Duke of Sussex. Each one was looked at according to the last Duke to hold the title of that area.
The Queen discussed her choices with Prince William, he takes all the information in consideration and decided if one will fit into his lifestyle. In other words how he would like to be remembered and does it represent his views.
According to The Telegraph, Tim Ross pins;
He (Prince William) suggested that the Duke of Cambridge could be perfect. A previous Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, who died in 1904, is reputed to have believed passionately in true love, claiming that arranged marriages were “doomed to failure”.

The title is decided on by the Queen and given as a gift to the couple after the Marriage Ceremony. I do not think Prince William would know which one the Queen chose until the
Day of marriage. I can just think after the marriage ceremony the two go back to sign the documents and the Queen presents the Gift of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They could have rejected it. However they both accepted it and Now will be Known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Now you know, why they were introduced as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after they emerged from the signing of their Marriage documents.

Photo courtesy of AP press.

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