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Monday, May 9, 2011

In Memory Of The Fallen......

EOW 5-16-1961

Today is the start of Police Memorial Week. We are so blessed in this Country to have a Police Force made up of Men and Women who want to service our land. They sacrifice a lot for their jobs; Family time, Sometime Marriage, Sleep and most of all sometimes their Life. In 1962 President John F Kennedy signed a Presidential Proclamation that set aside May 15 as National Peace Officers' Memorial Day.
Every year we remember the fallen Police Officers on this week. We need to remember they did not die in vain rather as heroes. Protecting our nations rights to a peaceful life. We live in a nation that is a safe place because of their service. Every year some Officers die doing their duty. I for one know that feeling of lost. My Grandfather (photo above) was Murdered by a robber in 1961. That time was much different than today's. It was a much harder time for crime, but a quicker time for justice. Police murderer were punished swiftly . Today we wait for the shooter to be dealt with and sometime it takes years to achieve. The wait can be stressful for the survivors.

Even though we have gone through many decades since the death of my Grandfather, the feeling for the family left behind are still solemn. Every year we remember tour Loved One and Help the family to continue to heal, with the help of caring people. It is very hard when the killer is still awaiting conviction. We need this time to focus on the sacrifice of the love one. To have a down time and come together with others who can give the support needed. We all are in the same boat. Having organizations that orchestrate these days is greatly appreciated.

We attend the Memorial services in Florida at the American Police Hall of Frame Museum. There is a service on Friday evening and the names are read, candles are lite and prayers go out for the families left behind. Our current and retire Officers give support to the families left behind. In the following days there are some fun things planned to give the families a sense of uniformity as well as giving back to the families left behind. Consider it a gift for the sacrifice their love one made for our country.

You can give to this organization to help out their programs. They have activities throughout the year for the survivors. You can check out their link in Blue above. Or if you have lost a love one in the Police force feel free to let them know so your family can be included in their nation wide programs. We are all Here to support each other as we live on.

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