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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday's Photo Anwser.

So here it is....... While in Las Vegas, Nevada we went to the Bellagio . Inside was the first fountain(#1). I loved all the color changes and the way the water shot up and over. There is a Ferris wheel loaded with plant turning over the fountain.
As for number 2, that one I thought someone whould get. Located on the Avenue of flags in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are many fountains in Philadelphia all just as beautiful. This one I loved because the children and some older children were cooling off in it. Isn't that what fountains are for. It reminded me of Europe and the many fountains there.
Now for the 3rd photo, If you look closely you will see upside down Kisses around the heart fountain. The ones that everyone loves, Hershey of course. this heart shape fountain is located at Hershey Gardens in Hershey Pennsylvania. We all love that park, there are so many thing to see and play with. There was even music making stepping stones. My daughter loved making a song on them. I am sure we will be going there again this spring. After all what is spring without visiting a few Gardens.
Hope these photo will inspire you to visit some fountains and Gardens this spring and summer and have fun.


  1. Great fountains. Thanks for sharing the info on them. The last one sounds like fun - I'd love to visit the Hershey place in Pennsylvania.

    Hope you have a great day♥

  2. These places must be great! You inspired me to post a fountain too. :)

  3. LOVE the Belagio!! Our son had lived in LA, CA for 7 years and when his girlfriend moved back to Vegas (where she grew up), he followed her ther (Hmmm. . . must be love??) So, hoping to make a trip there soon to see them and go hiking with them near Red Rock?

  4. Thank you for letting us know! I really liked the heart shaped fountain. Best, it looks like its just a few hours aways so I may just hop in the car this summer and take a drive with the boys =)


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