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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introduction Time.

This is my daughter, she has a blog. Her blog Ramblings from Lyd is mostly of photos she has taken and her thoughts on them.
She would like to have some visitors who will leave a comment for her. As a New blogger it is always nice to know if folks like your page.
Lyd just turned 16, loves to take photos, write and read books. Here's where a can brag, she wrote and published a book while in fifth grade. Involved in the Young Authors group. Of course we thought it was good. Have several copies on our bookshelf. Perhaps I can get her to post some text from it.
Go check out her blog. Become a follower and give her a word of encouragement. Who knows she could be a famous author some day.


  1. Lyd is a good photographer. I just slipped over to check out her blog. Looks like it will be worth a daily stop. Thanks for telling us about her.

  2. I have a son who would like to be an author one day. I will certainly stop by her place.


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