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Monday, March 15, 2010

Flashback TV-Monday's Answer

Saturday I asked a question about Gilligan's Island. If you knew why the flags were flying at half staff in all the First seasons episodes. As I referred to in the un-aired episode "Marooned" post, that episode was never aired until 1992. The taping of the show begin on November the 22, 1963. That was the Day President John F Kennedy was assassinated. The film crew decided to continued to filming on that day. They filmed the opening scene departure on November 26 1963. So, all the flags were at half staff during that time. "Marooned" never aired as the pilot, it was buried in the archives. Twenty nine years later it was aired. Due to the change in actors and reconstructing in characters.

Gilligan's Island was first aired September 26 1964. It was episode 101, broadcast on CBS at 8:30 pm. That was the Family Hour. some folks refer to this as the pilot. However is really was not. Perhaps they thought it was a bad omen to film another pilot. As to the Flag flying half mast, that was purposely done in remembrance of our President's death. My thought is they never thought of changing the opening scene during the first season year 1964, for our nation was still in mourning. The second season I notice they took the half staff Flag scene out.
If you miss the Flashback TV show nights, there will be a link to them on the top sidebar. I will leave it up for the month. There were three showcased, the Un-aired Pilot "Marooned", first seasons opening show " Two on a Raft" and the first second season episode "Gilligan's Mother-In-Law".

If there is a Flashback TV show you would like to see, leave me the title in the comments. I will see if I can get it.

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  1. Wow I never knew that about Gilligan's Island. Thanks for the information on that. It was one of my all time favorite TV shows of all time!


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