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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My "So Called" HighSchool Reunion?

Lola's dinner is hosting a "If I could blog back time" Thursdays. Today tropic is Reunions. I had to think back,it was hard ,these post do help my old Memory. So some facts may be tainted or just thought that the way it was. You see I am Pushing the Real mid age ( if one lives til 100,Which I plan to do). Oh And Yes I will still Be Blogging, maybe on Mars,Don't you Know(My Favorite Planet). I think I have a chance to live that long because my Grandmother is 92,shh....don't tell her,I think she thinks she 40! Still going strong. so, Now I get to reminisce about reunions that took place in my earlier years.
I graduated from high school earlier than my school mates. During my School years I skipped up 2 grades. the first was Seventh, There I caught up to my older brother. The school felt I was advanced in my learning. Then in eleventh grade the school was being changed to a Arts School. That meant all the up coming Seniors had to move to a new school their senior year. I was just horrified, go to another school way across town and I would have to take a city bus!! Not just one but transfer to a different bus in the downtown area. The high school admin allowed students to take summer school and graduate in August. So, I did that! I only needed English 12 to graduate. One Class, just think I would attend a New school for One Class!!! All that info to explain my high school reunion.

Here it goes, My husband graduated the same year as me (1971) from a small town school. The 20 year reunion was coming up. Hubby was going attend with me in tow. Now the School found out that I did not have a school reunion to attend(did not have a graduating class). so the Reunion team thought they would adopt me in their reunion. We really had some fun! No one could remember me. The Gaul of them, not to remember me! We had them really going all night. Only A few people knew who I was,they played along. I had so much fun.!!

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  1. Oh wow, bless your husband's schoolmates. What a cool notion to be adopted into a graduating class. It sounds like this reunion will be fun for you.

  2. Fun, fu, fun...I just went to mine last year from the grads from 1978...30 yrs It makes me feel real OLD...lol

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I only went to one class reunion and it was pretty boring.


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