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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog Page Upload Time?

Have you ever thought about how long it takes your page to upload? Never thought about it til I started Dropping 300 EC per day for both my Blogs! Some sites take so long to upload. When time is precious, it makes the difference if one stays on your site or not. Found if I have to wait longer than 5 seconds for a page to load I leave it. Sometimes the EC widget will load faster than the page, and I drop and run. There is a site that will tell you the load time, Stopwatch. It is easy to use, just put your URL in the box and it will do the rest. No Joining or Logging in.
If your blog takes a long time to upload, there are things that can be tweaked;
  1. Limiting the amount of post on the page. Read ten is a good choice. I keep mine at seven. archiving the rest in the side bar.
  2. Sizing down the Graphics you use. Sometimes the graphics are over 1000 pixels. Resizing them to 300 Pixels will help load time. Mine are always re-sized to 200 pixels. Sometimes I have to size down the graphics in the Html script. If you have graphics that can not be re-sized in your side bar, such as Badges, posting them at the bottom of the page will help. However I find I can re-sized them in their Html script.
  3. One of the biggest causes for slow uploads are Videos. There are programs that can load video right on your site, you will not have to use a Host. This is the method to use. Even though videos are nice, they clog up the load time if they use an outside host. For example, YouTube, and Yahoo video to name a couple. One needs to keep in mind the Copy right laws. Just know that Outside Host videos will slow down your upload time.
I found sites that have layered Graphics, which are hard to read. These site load their background first then the Printed text and then the background under the printed text. It is hard to read the page when the solid background takes too long to upload. I do like reading some of those blogs. However it takes such a long time to upload that I Keep them up (loading for minutes) until I can read the words on the page. I think these are called Scrapbook pages. Nice looking. Do not have an answer to make them load faster. Maybe it is in the way the program is written.
However you look at it,the amount of time it takes a Page to upload affects the reading visitors.
I Read some people Follow one hundred blogs, wouldn't you like one of those to be yours?

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  1. This was a helpful post! There are blogs I just dread visiting because of the loading time. The content rarely seems worth the wait. I hope mine isn't one of the long ones!!

  2. i know i hate it when im dropping and i have to wait for the ec box to appear ahhh!

    That site upload time checker was fun. Mummy Diaries was 16 seconds to fully load, and my other 2 28 lol !!

    At least my ec boxes load up straight away phew!

  3. Lin- I hoped it will help some blogs work on the upload times.

    Tina- I know your take a little longer then 5 sec, but I wait for yours to upload. Love your sites. All five of mine take less than 4 minutes. I try to keep them at the time. thanks for trying it out.

  4. This has been a pet peeve of mine for quite a while. I did notice that for some reason, the Digg widget slows down sites considerably, also. I stopped visiting sites because of load times. Just did not find enough of value to warrant waiting 3 or 4 minutes to have site load.

    And, even with EC, I never simply drop. I always read.

  5. That is pretty cool! I'm going to have to take a look at that site. I can't stand visiting blogs that take forever to load. Some people have too many widgets on the front page of their blog. I've learned that if you move your widgets to another page and just link to them on the front it really speeds up the load time. Slow widgets are always those social sites like Blog Catalog and My Blog Log. Some people have way too many links to those kinds of sites. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Thanks for the info.
    I'm new at the blog thing and don't know how it all fits, but I do know some blogs load so slow and a few have locked up my computer.
    It definitely is a traffic killer.I checked mine,
    It loads in 1.3 seconds. When I add graphics, I hope it will stay fast or I'll quit using them :)


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