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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can You Develop A New Tax Law?

Phew, Taxes are done. Why is it we always wait til the last week to do taxes. The Tax program is bought in January. I do all my inventory in January. Have a Tax folder with all info in it; charity,w2,1099s,1098s,and business receipts. So, here it was now April and we are doing taxes! Will say I was well organized this year. Only took a few hours and not days! E-Filed and sent, this is the 3rd year of e-filing,I really do like it. One click and the taxes are in IRS inbox. The return time is great also. Now the state is different. It's not so easy to e-file. Normally the amount of return is not much,Therefore to paid the amount for e-file isn't worth it. That one gets put in Snail-Mail. We do however request direct deposit, the turn around time is good. No checks to wait on clearing at the bank,Instant money!!! Two of my Brothers work for the IRS. I do not want to put them out of a job! However I do think some kind of New tax structure is needed. Have no clue to what kind,there are many suggestion out there. A Flat tax. Federal clothing tax, federal food tax, federal gas tax, and I'm sure many more. If the Federal Government gave you the task of presenting a new tax law proposal, What would it be?

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  1. Oh tough question. Maybe lift the travel tax and put more on beer/liquor tax. In that way people can go traveling and not too drunk (because they would rather not spend too much on drinks) LOL... just a thought.


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