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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday News..Say What!!!!

The weekend was an interesting one. With a teen in the home life can be trying. I think it is hard to be parent to a young person who thinks they have become overnight an Adult. Now at 17, and might I say always adding one extra year on, She thinks we have ceased being Parents.

Remembering back when I was a teen helps me stay grounded. However today's teens have this different view on things. Asking in a statement form instead of a question form. A more demanding tone instead of a kinder one. I think she will work on those Forms and tones.

So on Friday we were told about her plans for the weekend. Movies, Mall, Exercise, overnight stay possibilities among other places to take her. Yep We have become a Taxi service. Taking a back seat to being a parent. Maybe we should start charging taxi prices..... when the taxi service is demanded instead of the asking method.

Anyway, on Friday evening took her to a friends house. Didn't turn out well for her there.. A girlfriends boyfriend competition . Saturday travel to exercise class, drop off and then pick up in a couple hours. Back home, she went back to bed. Awoke, Not happy, wanted to go to a movie. Found someone to go with her. Back in the Car to the Movies, drop off. Come back home.... a couple hours back to pick her up.

Sunday to Church... spend time with family. Had a nice lunch. It was great to see the kids. I haven't seen them since Christmas Eve.
As for my daughter, she went back to bed after we came home... It must be nice to be a teen and be able to just sleep, eat and have a taxi service at her beckon call.

So that was my weekend, nothing really exciting. Well unless you call taking down some holiday lighting and cleaning exciting. I did manage to do some of that work.

Also on Friday hubby surgery was cancelled for this Tuesday. Still not cleared on the Blood clots issue. We are still working through some health issues in the household. Lord willing we will get through these in a healthy way.

How was your weekend, Bland, Kid filled or just too exciting to handle?

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  1. Times are different ! As a teen I could walk or take public transport even late evenings. Now there is no pubic transports during the night and it's dangerous for a girl too. I had much more freedom as a teen than the girls today. Fortunately they have private chauffeurs, lol !
    My son always had friends who picked him up or drove him home until he had his own car. So I was never really a taxi driver.


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