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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's News-Back from NSL

We are back from our Northern Sun Loop trip. It was really fun and exciting. Critter and Lyd had a great time. I was able to post a little during vacation. However I made it a point not to be on during most of the time. Programed some recipes and other things to post while I was out. This was the first time I went on vacation and did not drop EC or visit Blog friends. I really missed reading and visiting. However I am always on Hubby for being on line and checking in to work while we are on a trip. So this time I made it a priority to take my advise.

I did post two times and that was on Monday and Wednesday. Some Monday info and Wednesday photos. Another thing I did was send some photos to Auntie E's On The Go via my Phone. There will be lots of photo these next few weeks to share with you all.

Now to my Weekend..... Friday we returned home. Before we left we had a water leak in the basement. So we needed to check on that! it was still damp but no more water leaked.

Saturday hubby and I went to the movies saw The Expendables. I did a review on the movie. Had to uncover the pool and add some water. Daughter tried to mow the lawn but the lawn mower was damaged. So, I had Chris mow it. She really wanted to mow it, but when stuff happens other plans need to be made. We will need to buy a new mower for next year.

Sunday My daughter had her Boyfriend over. I worked on Photos and we just took it easy. It was a raining day. Hubby and I have been watching "The Gates". I really like that show. It is about Vampires, Wolverines,Succulents, Witches and other abnormal folks trying to live a normal life in a community. A very Interesting Show. We like the characters and the Police chief. The Police chief is a normal human who is trying to keep the secrets as he finds out about them. When I was young I loved Dark Shadows a soap opera. This one is like a Soap opera only in the evenings. Remember when there used to be the evening ones, like Dallas,Knots Landing and Dynasty. The Gates is on ABC at 10pm EST.

Do you have a favorite TV show for this season?

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  1. I've been enjoying watching all of the seasons of Dexter. I'm about to get into Season 4. Then hopefully the new Season 5. Gates sounds interesting too!

  2. It's hard to disconnect on vacation, isn't it??! I was guilty of hiking up to the lodge (where there was wifi) to check on my blog and answer a few emails. It's awfully hard to let it go for a week!

  3. I've not heard of the program, but it sounds like it would be very good to watch! For me, I can not wait for the TV season of 2010-2011 to begin. There are a couple that I want to watch. One a cliffhanger that'll be concluded, I hope, in the 1st season opener.

    It's difficult to come back 'down' from vacationing. And your rainy day Sunday, relaxing, sounds super.

  4. Glad you had such a nice time. Not much on TV is very appealing these days- CSI and NCIS reruns keep me going when I'm home. Looking forward to trying Blue Bloods, Hawaii 50, and Chase this fall.


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