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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Screen shot of that POP-UP Madness!

On Sunday I asked about this Pop-up that appears on my site and some time when I surf the net.

Here is the snap shot of it......

The Pop-up seems to be popping up on my site.
So if you know How I can control this Popping up on my site, I would appreciate it.
Just a reminder,If you see this.... Do Not enter your info..Just click on the X. I am not asking for the info!
I have tried to get this to stop popping up. It only happens every once in a while.
Does anyone know how I can Stop this Madness?


  1. Hmm still getting that. Poor thing. The only time I get something like that is when I have to log into my host. I am sure you did a google or bing search on that sight. Porn most likely.

  2. Did you try to contact your service provider where you're hosting your site? They will be able to assist you. Good luck - looks like spam.

  3. Thom- I did a search no such site. Since others see it as well,I need to check what Host they are using. I will do a test and not log into one of my host. to see if it appears. However it doesn't appear all the time.

    Blackhuff- In order to know if it's the Service provider, I would need to know what service provide those use when they see it on my site. My service provider is a very good one so I doubt it is a problem there.


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