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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's News-Holidays and Family

Our House was busy over the weekend! Friday I started out the day with a doctors visit. The Othro Doctor had me back off the Physical Therapy for my Arm. It was making the pain worst and aggravating a tendon. Today it does feel better, that pain is easing up. He stated sometimes the therapy is too rough on some folks. I will tell you I hurt more each time I went! So this Break is a good one.
After the doctors, daughter and I went to the Mall to return something......and of course we shopped. Bought some bathroom towels, and a bathing suit for me. Daughter bought a picture frame for her boyfriend. I purchased a old clock and had it engraved. You know how I love Vintage things! It was on sale at a great price and traveling this summer gave be a great idea. You will see it later in a icon.
I needed to get my Sunglasses adjusted so I stop by the eye shop. The Lady was so rude. It was like we were Invading her space! Now I tell you, thing are pretty bad when a service person make you feel like that! I was still nice to her, however the service was not good.
Saturday, we finished cleaning up the backyard and took a swim in the pool. We have a solar heated so we went to the pool store to purchase a new hose. The squirrels chewed through the old one. I prepared the food for the family get together on Sunday.
Sunday the 4th of July......We had family over for a cook out and family fun. Then we went to the Fireworks on the Fort/Post. There was a fair there as well. The kids did some things like, Balloon bounce, Rock Climbing and riding a train. The Music was live and not bad! Fireworks were fantastic! We got home around 11:00 pm and the girls went swimming for a while. Hubby and I fell into bed.....We were very exhausted.
Today Hubby is off , so we will relax and take in a move and enjoy the day together.
How was you Weekend?


  1. I remember going through physical therapy after my shoulder surgery. I so agree sometimes a break from that is the best. Boy you sure did have a busy weekend. I hope you are taking in a movie and not a move today LOL You'd be still exhausted LOL :)

  2. I started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago and I just thought it was me--I was in so much pain!! Ugh. I told her, though, and the next session was a lot better. I think we have to ease into things a bit.Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Hope you get through that therapy okay. That doesn't sound like fun. 8-)

    We had guests Saturday/Sunday missionary friends from Quito, Ecuador. We had a great time getting caught up on family news and remembering good times from the past.


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