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Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's News- Fun Times

Back to a Normal Week now. Daughter is back to school, we get to start taxes and I am back to my daily routines. Our Spring Break was a Lot of fun.

I showed Daddy how to make the Artisan Bread while in Virginia Beach. It will be good for him to make his own. We went out to shop at Kohls, Hubby and daughter are Kohlaholics. I wonder if there's a Kohls Anonymous Association.... anyhow they must hit one everywhere we go. While on our GoWestMyFriend Vacation I was dragged to a few.

Saw a Movie in 3D "Clash of the Titans". I did a review of it on Auntie E's Reviews (see the side board for the link). Went to the Beach in the evening, to view the sun set, got a lot of photos for showing later this week and next. The beach looked great, they fixed the fishing pier from the damage of last years storms. Looks like our Favorite restaurant "Ocean Eddies" will be opening on time for the summer crowd. We arrived back home from the Beach on Wednesday and then we rested a bit.
On Thursday we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Saw the Jellies Invasion, it was fabulous. I posted some photos on Auntie E's On The Go blog( see the side board for the link). In case you didn't know, I started that blog to send in realtime photos as we are out and about visiting places. On that blog I will send in Photos via Balckberry to post for all to enjoy the sights as I see them. You will know when I am out and about before hand, that way you can tune into my blog. Now Hubby says we need to figure out how to have live video feed....Maybe some day that will happen, however for now the On The Go blog will have to do.
On Saturday the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade was taking place in Washington DC. Off we went to see the Parade. Took some videos and photos. Then to the largest Japanese Street festival. Oh, yes I Realtimed some photos to the On The Go blog.
We really did enjoy this years spring break. Being with Dad was great and visiting the aquariums was so much fun.
I will be posting the photos and video for the next few weeks. Be on the look out. Some will be here and some will be on My garden site. [Hint: Wednesdays are photo days around here. Going into the weekend could be video days.]

Links to: Artisan Bread


  1. Sounds like you were busy and had a great time. We've never gone to The Aquarium when in Balmer, just never seemed like our cup of tea; but here it's good.

    Cherry Blossoms, one year we will make it to DC for that, have always wanted to see, and smell it; though the crowds...not big on hords.

    Welcome home

  2. I love the beach and aquariums. I'm so jealous! :)


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