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Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favorite Song Weekend- An Irish Tune

Thought I would post a Irish tune. I love the Irish Tenors and they are singing Danny Boy. A great Irish melody. Written in 1910 by an English Lawyer name Frederick Weatherly. It was pinned to a different tune and sometime in 1913 it was sung to the tune "Londonderry Air". 1915 was the first time is was recorded. Later sung by Elsie Griffin who really made it a hit. In 1928 the second verse was added for the actress Ellen Terry. Danny Boy was originally believe to have been written from a women to a man. However it is sung more by men now. Even though is was written by an Englishman it is considered an Irish anthem. Throughout America and Canada it is loved and considered an Irish signature song. Has been sung by Glenn Miller band, Judy Garland, Maureen O-Hara , Connie Frances and even Elvis Presley as well as many more.
This is a 2010 video of The Irish Tenors version of Danny Boy. Enjoy.

Information obtained by Wikipedia and other sources
video from AOL music

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