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Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's News-Weekend Update.

We had a great Christmas and weekend. First of all Santa brought me a Large Picture of himself. He is Checking the list, Checking it twice.... Oh I just love that song! Well it will go up in the Santa room.
I Love the smell of Lavender, so hubby and daughter got me a set of lavender products. After opening the gift hubby says "Now you can smell like an old lady". I just laughed at him, because he has to smell it and if it reminds him I'm an old lady , then he must be an old man.

Now if you have been to my Kitchen you know my joy of cooking. My Daughter gave my a new Apron, I collect them. Have a collection from all over the world. Even places I haven't been but want to go. Some of my Holiday aprons I have made. One of my aprons I have had for forty years! Oh yeah I still wear it in the summer.

A new laptop was given by my hubby. That was a surprise because Hubby usually gives me refurbish ones. He being a computer geek and all. My old laptop was on its' last breath, it was also on its' second life after death! I will have plenty to do the next week,transferring files.

Went to my dad's on Saturday. Arrived rather late the traffic was very bad! What normally takes us 3 to 4 hrs took 0ver 7 hour. We watched Polar Express on an old DVD player I brought along, It helped us stay awake when the sun went down . Love the movie and haven't seen it for a few years. Still a Great show!

Went to Church and saw Granny, she is 92 and still going strong. We will go over to their house today. So Tell me something You received for your Holiday.


  1. Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas!

    I'm commenting because I would love to see your apron collection from all over the world. In fact, I think that would be a cool topic for a blog. You could do a post on each apron, showing a picture and a little story on how you came to own it (purchased yourself, gift, flea market, etc.).

    You could even solicit readers to send you aprons for you to blog about. It would be exciting to check your mail every day to see what you might receive!

    Have a happy new year (and please email me if you decide to start that blog - lol)!!


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