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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -LEST WE FORGET!

Memorial Day a Time we remember the fallen. Those who gave their lives in a War for our country. There has been many wars in our history, One sometime gets lost in the mix; It occurred in this decade, 9-11-01. A day all our children will remember. While in Florida I took these photos.


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  1. It seems as if Memorial day is getting to be more and more of an excuse to have a cook out and less and less of a day of remberance.

  2. I totally agree with hip chick. Too many people see it as a three-day weekend for fun and frolic.

    We all need to remember the reason for the holiday.

  3. Indeed... the memory is what it's all about. Honoring those who have gone before us...

  4. Wonderful post for RT and for our hearts, thanks for helping us remember.....

  5. Food for thought on RT!
    Great choices.
    Happy RT!

  6. Beautiful photos. Yes I agree we should never forget 9-11.

  7. Hello Auntie !
    Never Forget. i'm agree with this.
    (my camera is a Canon G9...)

  8. that top photo pulls at my heart ...

  9. A reason to remember on Memorial Day. We have the freedom to cook out and relax as so many brave soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen fought and many have fallen. We should never forget their sacrifices...and I am old enough to remember Memorial day when it was not part of a three day weekend...


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