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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WW#3- Egrets Photo Infomation.

Joy ask a question:"Do they come to that tree every year?"- This is just two of the many Pine trees!The Egrets Live in the Pines all Year long. They are nesting in them. With the growth of the city and surrounding area their natural habitat was destroyed. The Egrets needed to find a New home. This Became their New Home!They have been nesting there for about four years now.Every time I visit my Dads I am amazed.At first the residents wanted to cut down the trees. Bird droppings were causing havoc,destroying paint on cars and roofs were being damaged. The city will not allow the trees to be cut down. So, each year the numbers grow. People living in the houses have to tarp their cars to protect them. It is quite a site. For about a square block( about a 2miles area)you see them in the trees.

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  1. Reminds me of my hometown. Each night there'll be an onslaught of swallows who decided that the electricity wiring & pole for their resting place and their poop can be seen all over the town.


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