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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan?

Is the National Cherry Blossom festival akin to how the Japanese view the sakura? Lina asked a good question. So,I will answer it for all to see.In Japan Cherry Tree Blossom Viewing Parties called Hanami celebrate new beginnings. Schools and Corporate Fiscal years start early April. A Hanami Party usually includes a Large picnic with food, drink and music. Corporation are big at having them,locating a good Blossom-viewing spot,and laying down large blue Tarps.
Sakura Matsuri(Cherry Blossom Festival) are held when the blossom are at full peak. The festival dates can change due to the Cherry tree locations. Moving toward the south part of Japan,Okinawa, it is around January. In the Northern part,Tokyo and Kyoto, in early April. Then it continues on, Hokkaido blossoms being in full peak in May. The festivals are more like street fairs with food,drinks, arts and craft demonstrations. Reading of fairy tales and legends. Performances of Japanese dance , martial art, and Spots.
The Cherry blossom symbolizes New beginnings, Beauty, Peace and Joy. Bringing a Moment of Joy to ones Heart.
The Cherry Blossom Festival Book is a good resource.

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