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Thursday, October 26, 2017

October Child!

These are the Colorado Aspens  in the 1970's
There is something about when you are born. I love the fall! The smells: Bonfires, fire places burning,  and the smell of the crisp air. Cool weather: love the cooler evenings, the fall rain and the fall winds. The colors of the seasons: Burnt orange, purple, reds, browns, yellows and golds. The foods: Pumpkin stuff, Onion Pies, Chili, Pears, Wild Boar, Making s'mores, hot cocoa, Apple Cider, Gluwine  and Stews. The Festivals: Autumn fest, October fest, and Fall hayrides.  It is the time of year that excites me most.

Maybe it is because I was born in that time frame. Everywhere I have lived I loved this season. In Europe the Fall comes with all sorts of fun and activities. The food was so seasonably good. In Asia that time of year produce a different view. However, I love that also. In the USA the West coast had it's cooler time and it was  different. I loved the ocean and the smells there also. The south was warmer however it also had Fall type activities. The east coast has the changing of the leaves and the air. Beautiful! The Mid West also a very beautiful place. Weather and Festivals, and changing of the colors, gorgeous!!  Every where I have lived and visited has WOW me with their Fall.

I will be going up to Sheperdstown West Virginia soon  for some great Fall German food. Wild Boar Is my favorite item. We had a place here in Old Ellicott City that  will fly in Wild Boar for their fall  Wild Boar Stew, My favorite. Need to check to see if they are still open after the Great Flood. A trip there today would be great!

I am a October Child and Love the Fall!!

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  1. For me, it's the last week of August as summer starts edging toward the exit.


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