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Friday, July 19, 2013

Time to Travel:We are making Plans again!

Well as you know, since daughter is off to college, Hubby and I have been vacationing.  It seems we are always looking for some place to go. So far this year we have been to St Louis, Tennessee, Pennsylvania,Smithfield Virginia, New Orleans and Virginia beach. We still have several more coming up. Vermont, New York, Vegas and of course Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Just need to decide about  December. Not sure where we are going. Just received the RCI book, need to look through it. I would love to go to Hawaii for our Winter trip. Will look into that for sure. I think I can talk everyone into to that place.

The next few days we will be booking the activities in Vegas. That trip will be in October. Trying to get tickets early as to know we can do the activities. Talked to the resort and found out we really do not need a car. I really like it when we do not have one. We seem to enjoy ourselves much more.  While in New Orleans we did not use the car and really had fun! Others did the driving and we were able to walk to some things. We stayed near the French Quarter in the Warehouse district. So things were close to get to and the transportation was good.

Traveling can be fun and enjoyable when things are planed out in advance. Be sure to leave some down time for those spur of the moment things.

Are you planning any trips for this summer or the rest of the year? Where are you off too?

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