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Monday, June 3, 2013

Second Day in New Orleans

The day started out having breakfast with hubby. The weather is rainy off and on. Not too bad. This rain is like the Southern type. It rains and then it is gone and there appears to not be  puddles. The rain is mostly a mist with a few outburst. I have found the the outburst seem to wait until one is under cover. By the afternoon the rain had stopped . Mr Sun appeared and the heat was on.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-atFJDfxUxd8/UauNk6p_W4I/AAAAAAAAGNg/BjygmtsgXSE/s1600/%253D%253Futf-8%253FB%253FSU1HMDAwODctMjAxMzA2MDItMTMyMi5qcGc%253D%253F%253D-795541During the rain part I went to the Riverwalk Mall outlets. Sadly most of the stores were empty and the rest had going out of business sales. I could see all the damaged caused by Katrina. Once through the Mall area I walked done Canal Street.  On to Decatur  Street which is the beginning of the French quarter. Followed that down  and around to the Oyster Fest. Kind of like a circle. Anyway, I join up with the Oyster Fest and have a great time. The Oysters were great, I had Charbroil Oysters, Fried Oysters in a almond sauce  and catfish sliders. All very good. Listened to some great Jazz Music  by the Bass A Holics and watched a cooking demo by chef Brian Landry  of Borgne restaurant. Learned a lot about the fishing in this area. Will share later on with photos.

With the heat on I got a Snowball, pinacolada. Then walked the river walk back to meet up with Hubby a the convention hall. Later that night we went to eat at the same place as last night . Still great music. It was like Ozark back hills music, really enjoyed it. Tonight we will be trying another place for sure. I had Alligator again and loved it.

Ended the night with having to tell my daughter that  Great Aunt Frances passed away that day. She was 89 years old. She died from a massive stroke, which she had a few days ago. Aunt Frances joined the Catholic church and became a nun when she was 15.  Becoming part of the Franciscan  Order, became a nurse and worked in the catholic hospital for years. At the age of about 50 She left the nunhood and worked as a nurse in California. Then at  about age 60 she moved to live with my family, after she was diagnosed with uterus cancer and treated. Has been in a assist living filcility for a while about 10 years.

Today I will be going to a Plantation. Looking foerward to it. Come back tomorrow for more details. Do not forget I will be posting some photos on the On The Go Blog.( link on right side bar). See ya later.

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