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Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Day in New Orleans

We arrived on a sunny day. The temp was in the upper 80's, with a high humidity. That made the temperature seem higher. Met a couple from Arizona that stated it seemed hotter here even though the temps are higher in their state. Oh yes I remember how the humidity plays a great part in the comfort of the heat.

Photo courtesy of Lucy's

We walked the Streets and ending up at a Local Bar/Restaurant called Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar & Restaurant. The Food was very good and we did have a couple of Lucy's Classic drinks. They were Great, served with mermaids hanging and floating in the drink. The Place is Located on Tchopitoulas Street in New Orleans warehouse district. I would recommend a visit if you are in Town. Their Site has the history of the palce (link is above)

Well I did take photos however I need to purchase another  camera cord. You know how it goes....One thinks they pack everything but... there is always one thing left. So for today I will post some things courtesy of web sights. I did manage to post some real time photos on my On the Go Blog.
Be sure to take a peek. I will be posting more later today.

After Lunch we took a city tour with Vip City Tour.  Dino was our Tour guide. He was so much fun to be with. Told us all kinds of things about the city, both of the old and new. Pointed out some fun places to go as well as a shopping area that is 6 Miles long! Now I will have to revisit that area for sure. One place he took us to was the City of the Dead. Sounds scary huh, well not so...it is a cemetery that has tombs above ground. Now why is that... You see New Orleans is below sea level and as you would think the bodies would just float to the surface if buried in the manner we think of. I will not tell you all now about the goings on in that "City". However I will tell you it is very interesting to say the least. There is a photo of the City Of the Dead on the On the go blog. We really enjoyed the tour.

For Our dinner we went to a local restaurant called Mulate's. The food was the most delicious, we had Alligator and red beans and rice and hubby had a shrimp poboy.   Even had dessert , key lime pie and Bread pudding with hard sauce. The bread pudding was soooo good! It has been a long time since I had something that good. Maybe never before come to think of it. They had live music and plenty of dancing space. The Bayou Deville's were playing. You can see a photo at the web site link. Just loved that place.

Today hubby is in attending the Tech conference, so I will be venturing out later to check out the Riverwalk area.

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