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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday News.. An Excursion

Saturday we had a excursion to the Amish country. I really enjoyed it. First we went to the Wine shop in Manheim. I love the wines there. Every year at Christmas the smell hot warmed holiday wine reminds me of our Germany years. Drinking a cup a Gluhwine by a roaring fire is a great feeling. Mount Hope Winery make a great Holiday wine. You just heat it up and enjoy! I tasted a couple new ones. The honey wine and pear wine were very good.

After the wine stop we went to Jake's Country Trading Post in Gordonville,Pa. We had purchased a rocker a few years back and needed to get a replacement part for the glider. While there we did some shopping. Found these battery candles perfect for the holiday deer. I think they will look great and no flames to worry about. My daughter found a purse.

We continued on to eat at Miller's Smorgasbord in Ronks. Their food is so good and the pies are out of this world. I had a piece of Oatmeal Pie, it had coconut in it. I really need to find out how to make that one. However Dad and I are the only ones who like coconut. I could make it for the holidays.

Daughter wanted to shop at the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse Pa. I really like that place. purchase a ledge Santa and some instant snow. we will have a blast seeing the kids touching the snow in the villages. While there we had to enter the Kitchen Kettle shop. I believe they do not have anything that does not taste good. I heard a lady said that in the store. Oh yes. I didn't get out of there cheep! Some Christmas gift and some thing for us. Bought a new product for me, Orange Curd. Think of making a Orange Chicken dish with it.

We closed down the shop and headed back through the Amish country. Love seeing the folks preparing the soil for next year. Horse drawn spreaders and old trackers in the fields. We saw a few buggies on the road, however most folks where in the fields. It was a very nice days Excursion for me and my family.

Sunday was a lazy day. I did manage to get some lights up for the holiday time approaching as well as the trees in the planters on the front porch. Is is that time to start thinking holidays, Love this time of the year.

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  1. Sounds like a nice day! What a great day you must have had.


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