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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday News: Crazy week.

I turned one year older last week. Now I am going to start going backward on the numbers for sure. I really do not feel as old as I am. For my Birthday I receive a surprise visit from my Dad. It was very nice of the family to do that and they really did keep it a secret. Received a Gift card to my favorite place Williams Sonoma from my daughter. You know what that means.... more gadgets! Oh I love it. Saw on of my gadget on the Today Show, Emeril Lagassse used it! I will be featuring that one on my "Kitchen Gadget" post at my Kitchen site soon.

Hubbys' sister drop in from North Carolina for a day. That was great also. She had never been to our home. We had a great time. She went with us to Lyds Cello lesson, got to see first hand how she learns to play. As well as meet her Cello teacher. She left to go see her older brother in Charlottesville. He is not in good health.

Talking about Health, Hubby had appointments to see a few doctors last week. We found out that he has over 14 kidney stones and the cyst on the right kidney. Might be the cause for the blood clots. He will now be undergoing more test to check this out. It seems like they had gotten the blood thinned to the right amount. He is going to see an Pulmonary doctor to take a look at how the blog clots in the lungs are doing. Saw a heart Doctor and it looks like the heart is fine. No clots in it as of now. Will be seeing an allergist to check out the cause for all these respiratory issues. I really think it is something he is allergic to. We need to find out what it is so, we can take care of it. So many issues for him health wise. I am still hopeful for a longer life together. We have been together for over 35 years. We just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary this past month.

Our weather was a little colder than usual. However it is fall and the weather can have great swings in temp.
We had a generator switch added to the home. this will make it easier to switch over to the generator of needed. Used the pellet stove this weekend, it is working great. this morning the temp was at 29 F. A frigid morning indeed.

Some Blue photos of our trip to the Park a few weeks ago.

Here is the costume Lyd has chosen for today's Halloween activities.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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I add this post to Blue Monday this week, you can see more Blue Photos at Smiling Sally


  1. I live in Florida, and right now, our weather is PERFECT.

    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  2. Kidney stones are no fun, but maybe they can be dissolved with an adequate medication. Sometimes it works without surgery.
    The costume looks very nice !
    We have unusual warm weather, the summer we didn't have is coming now (almost !)

  3. All blues is here so cute. I like the second photo!

    My Blue

  4. Belated happy birthday to you.
    Hope you husband will recover soon with the proper treatment...
    Enjoying your blue shots :)

  5. The weather at the Jersey Shore is lovely right now...hope you had fun yesterday. It looks like everyone was in the Halloween groove!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your BLUE MONDAY post!
    Have a wonderful day!


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