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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday News..Family and Fun!

This past weekend we spent time at the Fair and had fun with the family. We took photos of the fun times. So here it goes, take a look at our crazy weekend.

On Saturday we took a trip to Crownsville Maryland for the Renaissance Fair. I love this time of year, the weather is just right and going to fairs are on my favorite trips list. This year a went in Costume and had my hair braided. I was looking forward to getting a honey for my Coffee. Been trying to find a good sweetener for it. The folks really dress up for the Maryland one, as you will see. Anything goes there, one can be transported back to that time and if you stay long enough one will start speaking in the accent and language.

On Sunday after church we went to my niece Birthday party. It was a skating party. Yes I went skating. It has been years since I did this sport. Fell a few times, however I did do better than I thought. the kids enjoyed a glow light party with pizza and cake.

So how was your weekend?

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I add this post to Blue Monday this week, you can see more Blue Photos at Smiling Sally


  1. Well, my weekend was not as exciting as yours!

    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  2. That certainly was a fun weekend ! Love the costume !

  3. what an excellent Weekend! You had a beautiful violet costume for the event! A skating party!!! Wouah! It was a long time since I didn't skate on ice! Your nice had a great birthday!!!

  4. Our plan to go to a Renaissance Fair didn't push through I felt bad about it their theme last weekend is Italian ^_^ But we still have two more weekends and it's done. I like your photos that's why I must go to our Renaissance here too.

    Blue Eyeball

  5. Well it appears you had more fun than ever! What a great weekend you had! Lots of colorful phothos here too. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  6. Lovely family bonding!

    My Blue, come drop by anytime, thanks!.

  7. You had a great weekend and full of fun. Love your Maryland outfit.

    Thanks for the BM visit anyway.

  8. Looks like a fantastic weekend!! We went out to eat with our daughter and her hubby and kids, then came home and played Monopoly City.


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