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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday News- Catch-up time.....

I'm back... I took a few Monday's off. Even though we went out of town for long weekends it seems like I was still in the vacation mode. So ,I will try to recap my three weekends for you. Be sure to check out the Wednesday's photos for the last two weeks. Links on the side bar (WW....).

Let's see the weekend of the 15th. We went to the mountains to enjoy a day of tubing. Hubby made the overnight reservations. I will tell you my daughter called it sometime like...A night in terror-ville. It was a roadside Inn, one right out of the 50's and 60's. She has never stayed at a place like this. She was convinced that the owner was a murderer. We had to tell her he was not. However it was a strange night stay on the icy lake inn for us. Oh I slept well but, for the other two they were up all night. Hearing things going on on the lake and outside the door.
We had no internet so at one point we drove around looking for free WiFi. Now this was really funny. Three folks all with Laptop, in a car trying to hook up to the internet. Once we found a link, we sat in the car on a frigid night and try to surf the net. However the link was weak. Drove back to the Inn and there was no place to park. We had to park the car in a spot at the far end of the building that we made. The next morning all the cars were covered with ice! I walked to the gas station to get coffee. Then warmed the car up to move it. Folks had parked all kinds of ways, that caused some folks to be blocked in. No one was at the front desk part of the inn. It was locked with a sign to call a couple folks if there is a problem. No doorbell to ring and no one in sight! Now that was a little uneasy for me. The decision was made not to let hubby make the overnight plans again.

On the 21st we went back to the mountains for 4 days of winter fun. I made the accommodations reservations. We rented a three bedroom house. It was very nice.
We spent the days, tubing snowmobiling, skiing,ice skating and snowshoeing. The weather was the coldest on record. It dipped down into the single digits, with the wind taking it into the negative numbers. But we were warm in the house. It did put a damper on the amount of time in the outdoors. We returned home on Monday all tired when a storm hit us on Tuesday Night. School was out for two days. This totally messes up my weeks routine.
(some photos of this weekend)

My hubby

The girls

the crazy group

Now on to this past weekend. It was a laid back one. It snowed on and off, weather still cold. Went to church on Sunday. Family was not there due to some prearranged activities. we went grocery shopping later on in the day.

Well on a serious note. I am suppose to be on a trip to Egypt. Which left January the 23 to return February the 4. I didn't get to go for various reason. Now with all the turmoil there the touring group had to flee Egypt and now are trying to get back home. We were told Sunday that everyone is okay and are now out of Egypt and safely in another country. Will be making their way back this week. I guess it was a godsend that I didn't go. Israel is on the list for this spring, still not sure about that at the present time.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Wow what a wonderful vacation you guys have, love the pictures.

    Musical Snow Globe is my blue post this week.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you did not make that trip to Egypt. Perhaps another day...

    Happy Blue Monday, E.

  3. I love to do this, this looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!
    Blue Sky

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Probably just as well that you didn't go to Egypt right now with all the unrest there -- it was so sad to see the damage at the museums.

    I'm a new follower enjoying my visit to your blog!


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