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Friday, October 29, 2010

Aloha Friday-Visitation.

Tis the month for visitations. That's right from the little goblins to surfing the net. That got me thinking and a question arose.....
How do you decide on leaving a comment?
Is it just on Meme you participate in or maybe your favorite blogger. Perhaps you are one of the folks that return comments of those who comment on your blog. I know sometimes there isn't much to say, however leaving a short comment can brighten ones day.
So the question remains... How do you decide on leaving a comment?

Now for me... well I have been working on leaving comments on every blog linked to the memes I play. Also if one comments on my blog and leaves a way to comment back I will. However if the blog is just a Sales or giveaway blog I usually do not leave comments. I really love blogs that have photos or interesting articles. I will leave comments there. Now I love receiving comments on my blogs. It makes me feel so great. Sometimes when I receive none I think that subject wasn't interesting to my Visitors. So I tend to not continue the subject matter. Okay I have said enough now it time for you answer to the Question......
How do you decide whether to leave a comment?

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  1. If I like the topic or have something to say about what the author wrote then I will leave a comment or if something moves me.

  2. I leave a comment when I have something to add or if the topic is something I can relate too. I'd also like to add that just because I don't leave a comment doesn't mean the topic didn't interest me.

  3. This is a very good question! I'm a loyal commenter to my favorite blogs.

    Also, I have a rule for blog comments: If someone leaves a comment on my blog, I have to respond to their comment via email, visit their site and use the three fold rule--For their 1 comment, I leave them three :)

    Other then that, sometimes I just take time out of my day to go through my feed and randomly comment people. It makes me feel good to make the rounds and I bet it makes people feel good to get some comment love!

    Happy Friday!

  4. if a post has my interest and I feel the need to respond I do that. if I enter a giveaway I do that.
    if I participate in meme's I comment. IF someone is asking for advice I help out. If I blog hop for other reasons...I may leave a comment and Pray and hope i get a visit too.

  5. I usually leave comments when I see a content that interests me.

  6. It just depends on my mood and the context of the post I guess. I try to comment back on commenters, but I'm trying to limit my time online (ha ha) so I can't always. Sometimes I wish they had a "like" button for posts like they do on facebook...especially when I can't think of what to say, but like what I read.

    On Aloha, I usually visit the couple sites right before me...and a few like yours that I recognize. And sometimes I try to come back and visit and comment on the last sites that post, since they always tend to get less visits and comments.

  7. I leave a comment when there is a question, for memes and when I feel compelled by a topic. Happy Aloha Friday!

  8. If I have something to say about the post, I'll leave a comment.

    I try to comment back, but it's hard and more often than not I don't get to everyone.

  9. I attempt to leave a comment for everyone in a meme such as this one. The follow memes are kind of impossible to do this for. I'll visit some of my more regular blogs and leave a comment pretty regularly.

    Have a great Friday!

  10. I try to only leave a comment when I feel like I have something to say.

  11. well...it depends on a few things, time, my interest in the post and how easy it is to leave a comment :) Some blogs what are so hard to leave a comment on! lol..
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  12. I leave comments on meme's i participate in and if I see something that I like I will comment too

    Here is our Aloha Friday!

  13. I leave comments on meme's I participate in and if you leave me a comment I will comment you back. On other days, I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment and that may be due to not having anything productive to say or whatever...

  14. i leave comments for:
    those who comment me...
    memes i participate in
    contests i like
    posts that make me want to comment :)

  15. I leave a comment when I feel I can contribute to the conversation. If others have said something similar, I don't usually leave a comment. I always try to comment on the memes I participate in though.

  16. I have blogs that I just love and will always leave a comment, even if I leave the page open for 2 days to remember to comment :)

    And I always return visits and comments, even if it's days later.

    I also read through the blogs and comment on other posts too when I have the time.

    Sometimes it takes awhile to get around, but I try.

  17. I try and return the comments of those who visit me but I also comment almost every blog I read. The pictures, stories, ect.... I love it all!

  18. i comment on blogs participating on the memes i participate on. we have the memes in common.

    i also comment on blogs i follow - on issues i can related and have similarities to my life, like having small children, or a stay-at-home mom like me, or those in the military service.

    i also comment to return a comment left on my blog by passer by.

    i also comment on posts that i stumble upon while blog hopping, those posts with interesting content, that I just have to react on by leaving a comment.

  19. I normally have something to say so if the topic moves me then I leave a comment.

  20. I say it like it is or I don't say it at all.

  21. I comment if I feel I have something relevant to add to the conversation. I agree with you, though, it's hard to comment on blogs that are just sales or just giveaways. I don't necessarily want to enter a giveaway. Ya know?
    And it always makes it easier to leave a comment if I feel the blog is personable. :)

  22. I leave comments if I feel I have something to add. I also try to return comments to those who comment on my blog, but sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get back to it. I've been busier at home lately but try to keep up :)


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