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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Traveling Time Coming Up.

It's traveling time again. Remember that Travel clock from a few years back.  We loved to use these icons for trips.Well I am reviving it! Yes now when you see it you will know it that time again. Stay tune to the OnThe Go blog for real time Postings.

This year the trips are, Tennessee, Virginia Beach and OuterBanks,New Orleans, and Vermont. We will try to add one more surprise trip. Stay tune for that one. Haven't decided on the area yet.

I Love to travel and visit over places, for the next few days I will be posting the St Louis trip we made in January. I hadn't been there in several years. It was nice to revisit the area. Brought back wonderful memories.

Traveling is our way of enjoying the United States. In this time of stressful living, it is nice to just get away. We always look for a way to save money. So all our trips are designed to be affordable. We bought a vacation plan outright, which will save a bout load of money. Also the places we go have a kitchen, that way we do not have to eat out all the time. That help with the weight control. Stay tune for all the fun.

 Remembering all those trips "Going West Trip" or you can visit the Vacation archives . the link to "On The Go"

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