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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's News -Coffee and Stuff.....A morning chat.

I have been having the eye crust lately. It returned after a year or so of getting it under control.Thought I knew what was causing it, so I eliminated it from my diet.Thought it was the Splenda as know as Sucralose. I stated using it years ago when I went on the Atkins diet. About three months later I noticed the eye crust. Went to see a lot of doctors and no one could cure it. Figured it must be an allergy so, I started to think what has been added to my diet. I use to use Sweet n Low for my sweetener. I changed to Splenda when I learn that my sweetener would cause my metabolism to slow down. Every thing I bought had Splenda ( Sucralose) it in it. Therefore I started there, it took me over 2 years to get it under control. Mostly because I did not realize the products that marketed it self as low sugar where using it also. As well as all the Atkins products. Once I started reading every label it was out of my diet.

So boy was I shocked when a couple weeks ago I noticed the eye crust was back. Not as bad but still there. It just wasn't possible to me how could this be? Funny thing happened Yesterday, I was at the store and noticed that my favorite creamer was now Fat Free. Looking at the ingredients, there was no Splenda in it. On a impulse I compared the ingredients to the regular one I buy. Low and behold the regular one had Sucralose in it. When did they make that change! So there you have it, Now I will have to start checking all the labels again. Even the ones I use regularly. It will probably take a few weeks to clear this chemical out of my system.

As for my sweetener to use. A few weeks ago I was asking what every one used. Decided to go with Agave Nectar and Honey. Found a Honey that works well with my coffee. The name of it is Meadowfoam by Bee Folks. I like their honey it is made locally. Every year at the Maryland Renaissance fair they have a booth. This year I went with a plan to find a coffee Honey. Meadowfoam has a great flavor and does not seem to have an after taste.

I did try some other sweeteners. However they had the after taste I do not like. the Agave Nectar is not bad. However I do not like it in my coffee. I do use it in everything else that needs a sweetener. I love it in my Morning Oatmeal. Bought a new one to try, Blueberry. Thought I would try it with real blueberries and my oatmeal. The Maple Agave is good with pancakes and oatmeal. I also like it with Sweet potatoes.

The Family update:

My Hubby has been in pain for a while. First his foot, then his leg and the lung started to give him plenty of pain. So, Yesterday he went to the VA hospital and had test for an Pulmonary Embolism, DVT and VTE. All came out okay. Seems he has a lung infection and a sore foot. All we can think is the foot got injured somehow. The Lung Scan showed that he has a Lung infection. Now on antibiotics.

Daughter had a Well Doctors appointment. She will be undergoing some blood testing for her Thyroid and Pituitary glands. Got a few shots that are needed for college next year. I can hardly believe it! time seems to have flown by!

As for me, Doing well, have seem to stayed out of sickness way. Foot is still healing from the sprain in early spring. It seems to be taking a little longer in my eyes. However, I haven't stop for too long to let it heal.

I could go on however I think I will end it here. So tell me how is your family? Or you can link up and I can visit your blog to read the going ons in your neck of the county.

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