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Friday, September 2, 2011

Aloha Friday.....Plans?

Well here we are in September. For us we have two celebrations. First is our Wedding Anniversary, this is our 34th. Then we have a long weekend due to Labor Day. I love the time of year. The weather can be hot our cool. Anyway it is a great time. This year we are going to go to Williamsburg and enjoy some time with family and some time alone.

What are your plans for LarborDay? Or if you do not celebrate this day, What are your special weekend plans? It could be a birthday, anniversary of some sort of just a holiday for you....

This is also part of Aloha Friday Post participation.
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P.S. I will be posting on Auntie E's on the Go blog., So be sure to check in and add to your favorites. These are live photos, posted on the Go, via my blackberry.


  1. We don't really celebrate labour day here.. for us it is on 1st of May. This week we are celebrating Teachers Day which falls on the 2nd of Sept in Singapore.

  2. My plans had been to be away with my hubby, come back to get the kids, and get ready for school. Now thanks to the hurricane, we will probably go to the lake tomorrow, head to a birthday party Sunday, and get ready for school Monday.

  3. We normally go camping but the heat is just too much this year so we are playing this weekend by ear!

  4. No specific plans- everyone seems to have to work around here.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. No, it will be just another day/weekend for us trying to get things done.

  6. No specific plans - we'll just be hanging out and enjoying some much needed family time! :) I do have some wine to bottle... ;)

    To Nap or Not to Nap...

  7. I don't have any plans at all. We'll see whate happens as it rolls around.



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