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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WW- Winter Vacation #2

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So , we had a few days off school, it was end of term grading. the decision to take off to the Mountains for some winter fun was made. Oh you know it would have to be the Coldest days in the season thus far. The temps were in the single digits and the chill factor made it below Zero. We arrived Friday around 6pm. Still time to go out, however we decided not to because of the temps. Tubing would be very cold on the skin.

Early Saturday morning we had a snowmobile appointment. Then in the afternoon we hit the tubing slopes and Some ice skating. Later we went back for more tubing. Here are some photos.

More on the adventure tomorrow.
I will just say that this was a first time for me!

More on this later,
let's just say...late 50's= ?broken hip...

Oh--the tubing....
let's just remember last time..
well this time it was a stowed finger and a fast ride.

At the end of the day I sat by the fire.
Here is a little warmth for you....

Of course it was to get those toes warmed up.


  1. I am jealous! I wish I could join the fun! Looks like you had a super time.

  2. I've been trying to get Dumb Dad to take The Dudes tubing all winter. I'm using the baby-is-too-young excuse to get out of it because I HATE cold weather activities. And, are you feet on fire, because it looks like it!

  3. I've never been tubing. It seems like a necessity to do at least once in my life.

  4. now that looks fun... and i would be terrified at the same time


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