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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's News- Not Yet!

My weekend was a trying one at best. First off, I gave hubby a Remote Starter for his older vehicle. It is an Pontiac Aztec, Noted for be the ugliest car of this Century. However we like it, Four wheel drive and plenty of road to load furniture and items let Wood Pellets for the stove. We love it in the winter and take it to the mountains with us. Known as a sports Vehicle, due to it ability to be used as a camper. We had a Tent for it. It hooks on the back, no more sleeping on the ground. There are cup holder in the tail gate. Makes it great for Tail gating at Football games. Well, back to the gift....We drop the car off at the mechanic's on Monday and it is still there! Hubby has had to use my car, all week. Hoping to get it back today.

The Aztec.
(Photo from last years storm.)

So,I have been able to get a lot done in the house. Taking down some decorations. I mentioned taking the the tree. When hubby said not the one in the family room! He feels it is so cozy down there and feels like he is at the Winter Lodge.

Our Cozy Family Room

I have been playing this FaceBook Game called CityVille. I got hubby starting playing and now we sit in the cozy warm Solarium with Laptops and play together. I have added some new neighbors for all over the world. it has been great for my German, making me have to think, read and type German. My city is ready to become a State Capital. Oh yes the name of the city is Bloggersville. Given for my blog here, as that is the address I gave it. Oh my house is on the other side of the tracks and is a mansion. I always wanted to live in one,hehehe. Only in Cyberspace can I do that! This game is really a lot of fun.

My city-Bloggersville-
Current screen shot

Started reading "Decision Points" by President George W Bush. A very enjoyable book. I have a kindle, it was a gifts from Santa. Never thought I would like one, but I am enjoying the device and the reading on it. Learned about checking out e-books from the library over the weekend I will have to check on doing that. Not sure if it is kindle friendly. I will write more about the on my Reviews blog.

Saturday we went grocery shopping at the commissary. it wasn't crowded and they are still working on the building. Things were hard to find. I haven't been going due to the ongoing work,too frustrating for me.

Sunday we went to church, saw the Kids and Family. I really enjoy see them weekly. Trying to make a decision on attending a class. Our daughter is working with the children at the 9am time and we attend the 10:45 service together. Sitting with Michael and some times Alex. I enjoy that very much. Family is so great. I wish my Brother would be more outgoing with me. I miss those family get together's. haven't had one for a while. I have three Brothers, they are Scattered all over the eastern U.S.A..

Today we are getting ready for what the newscasters say will be a snow storm with freezing temps. Need to make sure the out side water pipes are protected and drained. Also need to put the freezer heater out in the garage. One year our pipes froze out there. Since then I have wrapped them and put the auto heater out there. so we are getting prepared for this storm. so far they have been so wrong about the weather in our town. But it is better to be prepared than not.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. I see your spots of pretty blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, E.

  2. I think even without the Christmas tree it looks very cosy in your family room ! On Jan 2nd I suddenly became allergic against all Santas and Christmas ornaments, and packed everything away ! I couldn't see it anymore. But end November I will start all over again, lol !

  3. elegant blues...

    sweet piece to remember.

  4. You all had a busy weekend. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday :)
    Hope your staying warm and cozy as the winter weather seems to be sticking around .
    Love the way your tree looks !
    Thank you for sharing all the great images with us today .
    Hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  6. Happy Blue Monday! You cityville addict! hehehe.. I love it!


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