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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Favorite Song Weekend- Lollipop

Called the most addicting song. "Lollipop" was release in 1958 and was heard all over the airwaves. Did we flock to the store to buy them and what about the children who still want the big lollipop their eyes spy. So today I give you the addiction song and maybe you will have to go down to the store a get one. Just because our memory makes us want one.


  1. Now you got me remembering such a great song. I'll have to stop on the way to picking Maya up and get some.

  2. Catchy and bright, but for me, not addicting.

  3. This is a great song! It certainly has a catchy tune and is easy to remember.

    Best wishes,

    PS If you have time on Sunday, please pop by my blog and link up this song to my Sunday Song post-we would love you to join us!


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