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Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's News-A Fest, A meal and A House

Saturday we went to the Oktoberfest in Germantown. It was the first time we had gone to their fest. This was their 28th year. The music was great, We listen to a German Band and Watched the German dancers, all in Bavarian Lederhosen and Dirdl dress. I heard this was a year of record sales for Bavarian clothing. I guess all those folks going to Oktoberfest needed to buy clothing this year. I will have to get mine out for the Schools Oktoberfest come up. The food was not that great there, not as it was at last weeks Fest. I did get some....
GermanBockworst and...
yes with a German type mustard

They had some Venders there as well. I did not really spend much time looking around. We were there for the Beirgarten Tent and Music.
Oh I really enjoyed this.

Still craving some German food, Hubby and I decided to go to a German Restaurant.There is an old city in our area call Ellicott City. It dates back to the 1700's, there are still building from that time area and up to the early 1900's. We love going to the old town. Haven't been there in some time.
The Ellicott Mills Brewing Company is the restaurant we went to.

They had a special on their menu,
Wild Boar Stew.

I have not had that since we visited the Blackforest in Germany. It was so good! I brought some home for later today. Oh that hit the spot and my Germanfest day was complete. A great Fall Dish to have. I will have to go back to get that recipe. Now just where to get the Wild Boar?

Sunday We went to church and got to see the family. I will be making their costumes for the fall parties coming up. Critter requested Batman, Alex wants RobinHood and Lyd is a Smurfett. This week will be a busy sewing week. Parties start the end of the month.
There is a new facility called...
Jill's House.

They just finished the building and are getting ready to open. So we all went to the Open house. Oh it was just beautiful. Jill's House is a respite for the special needs child. They will provide over night care so that the family can have a break for the everyday care of their love one. It is the first of it's kind in this area. I will put a link below for you.
Oh yes I did get a Lollipop at the fest! My Weekend song remind me when I saw it.

Join the Miss Marple meme and share your weekend with us.You never know when you'll need that alibi.

Now what did you do this weekend? Leave it here in my comments, I would love to read how your weekend went.

Your Links:
For German clothing visit ErnstLicht
for Wild Boar Stew visit. Ellicott Mills Brewing Co.
More info on Jill's House in Vienna, Maryland


  1. Well HOWDY neighbor! Sounds like you had a GREAT time this weekend! I was downtown at the Turkish Festival... Haven't found my Oktoberfest of choice yet... but I intend to before the month is out! :) I do love the music and the costumes... just plain fun! That wild boar stew looks heavenly!

  2. You are the second American who wrote about an Oktoberfest ! It's so funny that it is also celebrated not only in Bavaria but also in the States, lol ! I am not Bavarian, I am from the middle of Germany and we and the Northern part get always upset because Germany is represented in Lederhosen and Dirndl !I have never worn one in my life ! It's only worn in Bavaria. But fun is fun and Halloween is near, lol !

  3. Wow these are some wonderful pics Girlfriend,,,
    Happy Blue Monday Sweetie!!!
    Blessings from Heaven as you look to Him~~~Hugs Dena

  4. BTW,, thanks for stopping by today!!!

  5. It looks like a really fun time! I love to go to our local Oktoberfests. Always great food and laughing!


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