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Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's News- Family and a Surprise

Well my weekend was nice. Saturday we stay around the house. I did some posting on my blogs. Some brainstorming for up coming post. Thinking of doing a Holiday flare on my Kitchen site. That's where we can all link up are favorite Holiday recipes for the next eight weeks. Who isn't looking for the perfect Wow dish to make for the holidays. It will be part of my The Thursday's PotLuck Club, A Holiday Flare. Working on a Icon this week to go with it. Each Thursday blogger's can link their recipes up. Then we all can check them out.

Daughter went to a Fright fest with some friends, she had a blast and I am sure will be posting something on her blog soon.

Sunday went to church, met up with family. Had lunch together and off my family went to the Science and Engineering Fair, in DC Washington. We saw a couple of big stars, one most people know world wide and a couple maybe only state side. Be looking for the surprise stars on Wednesday's post. We had a great time at the Fair. The only thing was, not enough time to see it all. Decided next year we will do both days. They was a lot to see, over 150 tents and lots of things for everyone. Science really is fun and Engineering, well if I had to do life over again... engineering would be a great field of work. Maybe Nursing is a little of engineering and science however I really love the study of machinery. Figuring how things work is fascinating to me. I am glad I live in this world of technology.

So here is the Big Surprise.... I made a phone call from my cell, while on the road, to talk to Dad. He was at my brothers helping out and getting ready to head back to Virginia. I ask him if he would like to come stay a couple of days with us. My daughter has a school concert coming up and it is my birthday. To my surprise he said yes! So when we arrived home from DC, my Dad was in our house to welcome us. It is so good to see him. We will celebrate my Birthday together by attending my daughters concert.

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  1. So glad your dad can be with you on your birthday!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a GREAT weekend! I'm not sure that Science and Engineering Expo would be for ME - but that is the wonderful diversity of DC!!! There is something for EVERYONE!!! I LOVE that! You can just never go wrong with a trip to the city! And... that is just sO great that your Dad came to stay a few days with you AND celebrate your birthday! YAY!

  3. Gld you enjoyed your weekend, Auntie E. Check out the award that's waiting for you today at my blog.

  4. Sounds you had a great great WE!!! And the presence of your father for your birthday!!!
    This Engineering Expo must have been something!!!

  5. Oh, that was a nice surprise to have your dad come stay with you! Enjoy!


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