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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's News- Sad mixed with New

If you stopped by over the weekend, thank you for your condolences. We lost our bird on Saturday to death(see post "Saying goodbye"). I really miss him this morning, he would be chirping and singing alone with the radio. Loved Classical and Golden Oldies, "B" would just get louder as to say "I sing them best and I can mimic that instrument". At Christmas time He loved "Jingle Bells" as well as any sound with bells in it. It has hit me more than the others, I think. I was at home with him all day. He was great company. My daughter wants to get another one, I just can't do it. We had a another bird in Germany in the 80's, when he died we didn't get another until over 15 years later. Lyd there is just no hope for you while living in this house.

Hubby and I went out Saturday to look at floors and doors. I was surprised that I actually found a flooring I adore. Looking on the web before we went helped in know what kind to look for. We want to be very Green in our decision. Hubby likes the cork flooring, not a fan of it. Although I did like some of what I saw. Now Bamboo flooring hasn't been in my choices ,I just did not like the looks of it. We bought the samples of the cork and bamboo home with us to see in all the lighting.
After the stores, went out to eat at "The Green Turtle". It is a sports bar and eatery. Televisions are right at your table and one can dial up what game to watch. The food was okay, but I loved watching the Washington Nationals and LosAngeles Dodgers teams play baseball. It was a good game, went into extra ending and Washington Nationals won! I really loved baseball, we need to go to some games this season. We have the Orioles and Nationals arenas close to us.

Sunday it rained most of the day. Didn't go out. I was up at 3 am could not go back to sleep. Watched a Knitting program on the TV. Lyd wants to learn how the Knit so, I stated teaching her. I'm knitting a pillow cover at the present time. Lyd is just learning to knit with the needles, casting on and Knitting the first row. Knitting takes some time to grasp. She has a Yearly physical today and ask me to bring the needles so she can work on casting and knitting.
How was your weekend?


  1. It's always the days later after a loved one has died that it takes its toll. Especially with a beloved pet--you really miss the times you had together. You will get a new bird friend when you are ready, I'm sure.

    For me, it is always nice to give another kitty a home (out of the shelter) and just knowing that I am giving another kitty a good life is what gets me out and adopting right away. I do it out of the love for the kitty I lost. Maybe you can see if the shelter near you has a little bird that someone dropped off. That would be a nice way to remember B. If not, there will come a day when you decide to have a new bird friend.

    Until then, just enjoy your memories and don't put on songs with bells in it.

  2. so sorry to hear about your birdx I was going to say happy ruby tuesday but l don't expect it will be the same today..sorryx lynda


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