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Friday, April 2, 2010

Family Time

It's Good Friday, this is a special time for my family. You see a few things happened around this time of year. In ninety-four we brought my daughter home for this first time. Her first Sunday in church was Easter. Then Last year she was adopted into Gods Kingdom on the 5 th of April. A small family ceremony, but all the angels were there for sure. This year we are heading to Dads to share Easter with him. I sure I will have some great photos to share.
It is spring break here so, we are going to be in and out. The cherry festival is in full swing here. We will be attending some of the events. This week has a lot of surprises in store.

Have a great Easter with your friends and family. Easter is a time for New Beginnings, It's not too late to think about your direction in life, Where are you headed? Is it time to get off that thorny road and on the better one? The direction one is headed can change everything. And I know sometime change is for the better in the end. As my Mother said it, in her last days on Earth "Follow the Lord Jesus".
In the Lords Resurrection comes Hope for a Better Way. A Hope for No death, but Life everlasting. Hope for a world of perfection with no more sadness or fear. All this awaits those who believes in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
"As For Me and My Home We will Serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

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  1. ~Have an Egg-ceptional and Eggs-traordinary Easter~


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