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Monday, July 6, 2009

An Old Fashion July 4th

We spent the Fourth in Colorado. Monument Park was the destination selected. Our process was to pick A place that advertised in the local paper, An old fashioned celebration. since rain was in the forecast we chose a place close to where we were staying. This is a log of the Old Fashion July 4th Celebration we attended. The rain did come, however we managed to leave just before it poured.

In the evening we were able to see the fireworks. We parked in a place were we could see fireworks Display from seven Towns plus the Airforce Academy. at was really great. No music but, maybe next year. All the photos we took did not come out. We are just to far away for the camera viewer. I was able to upload dome photos from local newspapers. Denver Post and the Gazette. this is some like we saw.

"Our Rafting adventure is posted on my Ready 2 Get Fit site, the link in on the side bar" look for the GoWestMyFriend Icon.

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  1. that looks quite cool. glad you managed to dodge the rain!


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