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Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 Much Fun!!

We went to Wisp for some snow fun. Did you now they have a Snow Coaster? It is a roller coaster, bobsled like ride. You get in a one man sled which takes you up the mountain. Then you ride down on a coaster rail track. Curves, banks, tunnels, down hills. You control your own speed. There are lights, red and yellow,that tells you if you need to slow down or stop. The family flew down the track. I travel at a slower speed to take in the sites. Tubing was the next activity. The slopes were slick and fast. I flew down the slope. In the air a few times. What a thrill. to go back up the hill there is a flat esscalator . Snow shoeing was the peaceful part. Wisp uses the Golf Course for the cross country skiing, Snow shoeing, and snow mobile activities. Called the Nordic Trails. We went shoe shoeing along the frozen lake. My family went snow mobileing . Not something I like to do. So I went Shoe Shoeing through the trees. Thought it would be nice to cross country ski there. Maybe Next time. Of course the snowmoble ended up in bruised bones and torn ligs and tens . The main reason I did not partake in this sport. The trip ended earlier due to the accident. However we had fun.
Rented an apartment in Wisp. That was great. I brought the crock pot, and food. We never had to eat out. Packed our lunches and dinner was waiting when we returned. All had our own rooms. was just like home. The only way to go now. We could see to slopes from the apartment. Only two minutes from Wisp.

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