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Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday News- A Full Start to 2015

Wow.. It's been awhile. A lot has been happening. Mostly My life has been taken over by events. So I will update on My Monday News.

To Start with My Father was diagnosed  with Diabetes. We have been moving from Pills to Insulin to get it under control. we seen to finally have it at a good number. Although we had some trials along the way. I have been going between Virginia and Maryland for over a year. Now I go once a month for a few weeks to help him out. Doctor and health care appointments, and cleaning and doing some house repairs for him.  He is doing better now, coming up on his 83rd birthday. I plan on have a small local family Party.

My Daughter is still in College. Finishing up her Junior year. We have been trying to see each other over the year. She is going in Pennsylvania. We are about 6 hours from her. Between her work and school, we do not get to see her that much. She does get to come home for a short time for time to time. With all the technology I do talk to her everyday by Skype, Texting, cell or Messaging. I keep up on things though Facebook. Love all this technology. How did I ever manage with out it, it seem like I have had it forever now.

Hubby has been working from home for a while now. A bit of change for me. Getting use to him being home and still doing my home business. The weather has taking a toll on him. With all this pollen, it has been hard for him the breathe.

Now for my Nieces and Nephews. Let see there has been three babies born and one still on the way. Two weddings last year. Critter is learning trumpet and he is doing well! Alex is playing Basketball, we got to see her play in Hampton Virginia. Soccer season is starting for Critter and Alex. So, there will be lots of games.

As for me...well... I have  been working on the yard and house. Still managing my business.  Plus been working on some new recipes for the cookbook site. We had some work done on the back yard last fall. looking good this season. I will be posting more on that on the yard and garden site.

As you can see we have been very busy. I hope to do some updates and traveling fun post this summer. Lots of things planned for me. Hope you will come back to see the going ons in my household.


  1. So good to hear from you again. You obviously have been very busy. Lyd a senior this fall? How did that happen so soon?

    1. Yes, I know she is growing up fast. Oh this empty nester is wanting the littlegirl back. I just cherrish those times.


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